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Young Latin Lovers Adrian And Fernando – Latino Smooth
Marcel And Fabricio Part 1 – Latino Smooth
josh frey fucks josh dixon
Two of the most requested emo boys from Homoemo are together in one super hot scene! Josh Frey (rawr!) has got a huge dick — so big it barely fits in [...]
tyler ellis and lewis romeo fuck
This is one of the new vids from Homoemo featuring cute boys Tyler Ellis and Lewis Romeo. Tyler Ellis is cute but fuck Lewis Romeo is just….rawrrr 🙂 [...]
anarchists do it better
hiya. I’m Trace Van de Kamp and that’s a picture of me over there on the right. first lemme thank Jamie for letting me post this on his blog. [...]
leo and josh fuck
This is one of several awesome vids of two of my fav Homoemo boys, Leo and Josh. It’s not my absolute fav one of them — that’d be the [...]
emo boy plows his friend bare
It can be…different to be in lust with an emo boy. And when cute boy Bailey decides to come on to his friend emo kid Trey, he probably didn’t [...]
kyrtis’ first time out
Angel Blade is Kyrtis’ new guide into the world of amateur porn on his first time out and he’s a great one — he gets the boy relaxed with [...]
miles and timo
Miles got caught eating all of Timo’s lollipops. Even though he points out to Timo that they came from his ex-boyfriend whom Timo just caught with [...]
aidan riley fucks mylo fox
Today’s awesome Homoemo update features Dutch emo boy Aidan Riley fucking Mylo Fox. Now I can say from experience being fucked by a Dutch kid is one [...]
wanted to wait til i had a good domino harvey vid to post
I think this is prolly it — just posted to Homoemo is the brand new video of this super sexy new boy Domino Harvey getting the shit fucked out of him [...]